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Dallas Luxury Homes with Keith Tobas;
Luxury Auctions Consultant

Not all Auctions are created equal.

Do you assume, like many others that an auction is due to one of the following reasons?

- An auction is because the seller needs to sell at any price?
- An auction is because the property is in foreclosure?
- An auction is held because the seller wants to drive up the price over market value?
- An auction is held because the house cannot sell any other way?

First and foremost, we must dispel the common misconception that all auctions are about desperation and foreclosure.

There are many countries throughout the world that utilize the real estate auction process to achieve top dollar vs. bottom basement pricing.

Some of the positive advantages are as follows:

- Cash buyers.
- Shorter market time.
- Global marketing vs. local marketing.
- Highest and best.

This is a short assessment of how a luxury auctions can benefit you, the Seller.

In the Dallas market, the price point of $4m+ has a tendency to accrue days on market thus resulting in an expired listing.

By taking advantage of the luxury auction can eliminate these items resulting in a sale.

Ultimately, aren’t you looking for a sale vs. an expired listing?

My goal is to SELL your home, not just place a for sale sign in the yard.

If you are looking for results, let’s talk.

Keith Tobas
Luxury Auctions Consultant
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Global Real Estate
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