How To Make Your Home Sale Ready

Dated: 11/22/2017

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Listing your family home can be one of the more stressful things you can do, but properly preparing your home for sale will make it an easier and timely process

Here are some helpful tips to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers when you list your home for sale:


Make your home less about you and more about your home's features. The best thing to do is to "de-personalize" your living space.  Remove family photographs, personal items, and other objects that may distract the prospective buyer. Animal trophies might turn off certain buyers and eliminate a prospective offer from materializing. Personal items should be removed and replaced with  "generic" pieces.


The first glimpse of your home from the street is crucial in making a strong first impression. Uncut lawns and weed filled gardens can turn off buyers before they set foot into your home. It's best to have your lawn mowed, bushes trimmed and your front walkway decorated with pots filled with seasonal flowers. If needed, repair cracks, on the walkway and driveway, and think about adding a fresh coat of paint around the windows and door frames.Image title


If you have too many belongings (your REALTOR® will guide you), rent a storage unit to hold the items that make your home appear too cluttered and claustrophobic. Make sure your closets, drawers and cabinets are neat and clean in case the buyers decide to "snoop" around. Should they find your storage spaces cluttered and filled "to the brim", they might assume that the home does not have sufficient storage space for their belongings. Make your rooms light and bright. Open the curtains, turn on lights. Consider adding brighter light bulbs in some of your lamps and fixtures. Hide your prescription medication in a safe and secure place.


Place a stack of folded wash cloths tied with a colorful ribbon and neatly fold coordinating towels by them, and make sure that they all coordinate with the bathmat. A scented candle and a plant if space permits will also add to the overall look.


In the kitchen, remove extraneous items from the counter tops. Place a plant (Orchids are an elegant option, and do not require a lot of care) or two in your kitchen. Set the perfect dining room table - as if you are about to sit down to a meal. Clean all of your appliances; inside and out! Try not to cook overly aromatic foods while your home is being shown. Fried foods, bacon and curries tend to linger for days after you cook them. The scent of cinnamon, vanilla and fresh baked bread make for a more appealing scent.

Following these simple guidelines will appeal to anyone who comes into your home as a prospective buyer. First impressions influence many buyer's decisions whether or not to place an offer.

A good real estate agent will list your house, but a GREAT REALTOR® will guide you in readying your home for sale, and will insure that your home is  properly staged and ready to be shown to prospective buyers, and not a moment before. A GREAT REALTOR® will  make it a memorable and successful interaction with the one(s) who will ultimately make the purchase.

Craig Dellio - REALTOR®


Craig Dellio

Craig Dellio was born in Toronto, Canada, into a family where selling was a part of life. His mother Rae, owned and operated her own dress shop in Buffalo, New York in the 1950’s before she married ....

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